Old School Horse Rub ... Instant Pain Relief For Your Horse
Instant Pain Blockers

Today, a forgotten and obstructed science is awakening in the 21st century, but delivered by the Old School. Age-old homeopaths herbal remedies are making a come back to mainstream life. Most people think of ingesting, or inhaling, but pain relief derived through topically is yet another way to employ this miracle herb that has changed the quality of life for many. This product is used by many top NFR riders, and 1D champions. Don't wait, get your horse running at its top potential.
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I am the owner and trainer at the C-N Quarter Horse Ranch.  I have raised and trained successful barrel horses for more than 25 years.  Our horses are worked daily and travel to Futurities, Jackpots, and rodeos every weekend.  With the expense of traveling, feeding,  and all the other expenses that go along with owning an equine athlete the right diet is a must for my horses.  I want them on a correct diet so feed and supplements are not wasted.  I personally tested CAMELINA OIL on my horses before agreeing to become a dealer.  Today, ALL of my horses, from weanlings to the retired, are now on this product.  I can physically see and feel a difference in all my performance horses.  They are all showing amazing results from this affordable product. I have a successful group of horses in my barn and I owe a great deal of that to the Camelina Oil that Equine Omega Gold Provides.
2014 C-N Derby Champion
The Largest Derby in State of CA