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"Show me Your Horse and
       I will tell you who you are."
                     - - Old English saying

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Tipsy is a very lucky girl.
Special horse for a special lady
(Owned by Ann Richardson)
She is already winning everything on this sweet lil mare.

Dani is Currently bred to FRENCHMANS FABULOUS! We are so thrilled to watch Peytons breeding program grow with the help of Dani. 
Running & winning with Big Dogs!  So proud of this guy!!!!
Mikey is off to Kansas to the College Rodeos.  Wish Them both LOTS of luck!!!

Home Grown, Raised & Trained

1990 Broodmare.  
Line Bred Doc Bar mare. Grandaughter DOC BAR Top and Bottom. 

This mare has all the heart in the world and passes every bit of it on to her foals.  In her day she was a proven solid 1D and Rodeo horse that loved to run and loved to win even more.  I've never ridden a horse with more try then this mare and her babies.  There is nothing like it.  Her career ended prematurely due to an old injury catching up to her.  Scooter foaled out 7 babies.  5 of which are currently tearing up the leader boards. The last 2 will start their careers in 2016 and 2017.  If ever I met a proven broodmare, this is the one.  Her up and comers are showing signs of nothing less then perfection.  This will make this mare a 100% solid 1D and Rodeo Producer.

Scooter is now a proud grandmother to one...and many more to come.  She will spend the rest of her days in the paster helping wean her grand babies by Shesa Smokin Andi.


2006 AQHA, Sorrel Mare
Out of a Miss Sugar Barred by Doc's Star Barred
By Stormin Ed by Mito Paint out of a Limit's Reguards mare

Andi is our pride and joy.  She is a perfect clone of her mother.  She has a heart of gold and will walk through fire for you if you asked her to.  She is the kindest most honest mare on the barrel pattern and will give you 100% every time.   Andi has already won a Greg Olson Champion Futurity Saddle as well as many other things.  She has found herself in the 1D with only her first  year of hauling.  Andi clocked a 16.9 on a standard pattern taking the 1D by more then 4 tenths.  She is smooth and quick!

Andi was retired in 2014 to take over her mom's job as our #1 broodmare.  Her career did not end due to injury, we just wanted our best mare on the job to contiue our breeding program.  We are excited to see what she has to offer in her foals. 

2015 Andi had her first filly by Slick By Design.   "Bryan", her first filly is something special and just as sweet as her momma.  She was born halter broke and ready for her first trim with zero ground work.  Plastic bags and blow horns don't even bother this filly.  She has Performance Pro Rodeo Horse written all over her.  We are very excited about her future.

Andi has returned to the barrel pen and has wasted no time at all getting back to the winners circle.  Placing solid in the 1D 3 of 5 runs at some pretty big races!  It sure is great to have this talented lady back in my trailer.

2007 AQHA, Sorrel Mare
Out of a Miss Sugar Barred by Doc's Star Barred
By Stormin Ed by Mito Paint out of a Limit's Reguards mare

Johnnie is a spitten image of Dani. And she has the same grit Dani has to offer.  Johnnie has now been running for 3 years.  Several injuries has taken her hauling to a minimal in those 3 years, but that hasn't stopped her from tearing up the winners circle.  We are very grateful to her and her accomplishments to date.  She has placed at Pro Rodeos.  She is the 2013 
C-N California Derby Champion, the largest Derby in the state of California.  To many 1D wins and places to name.  She is confident and sure footed as they come and she always wants to be the leader.  Johnnie shows the true spirit of a winner. She is very easy to ride and run.  Very light in the face, just point, hold on, and stay out of her way cause she's got it all under control.  Johnnie has a very natural bend that we all wish all our barrel horses had.

This picture was taken of the 2nd run of her career at the C-N California Futurity.  In Arizona she clocked in the 1D with more then 190 Futurity Horses.  We are super proud of this mare with tons of confidence.  She will continue her career as a Pro and Jackpots with her little brother Maverick  right beside her.
"MAVERICK"  aka  Lil B

2008 AQHA, Bay Gelding
Out of a Miss Sugar Barred by Doc's Star Barred
By Firewater Dragon by Firewater Flit

Maverick is Scooter's first colt and is a little ball of fire. A ladies man.  He has the fire, the drive, and the talent to go to the top without a doubt!  He has been in the hills and done a little ranch work.  He knows were to put his feet and can move out from under you in a flash.  Something we like to feel in our barrel horses. Maverick started his Futurity year as a 5 year old at the C-N California Futurity in 2013 placing in the 1D at his first Futurity and in top barrel races.  He also traveled to Arizona for two of the February Futurities there where he closed in the 1D agains over 200 futurity horses from all over the United States add Canada.  With 2 years of Derbys and Pro Rodeos under his belt, Maverick has proven he is one we all dream of owning.  I feel very blessed to be able to ride aboard such a beautiful and talented horse.

Our goal for Maverick is to make the 2017 WPRA Circuit Finals in California.  He has placed at many tough rodeos and is giving it his all his rookie year missign the Circuit FInals by just  a few hundered dollars and missing a lot of rodeos.  Time will tell, but I have TONS of faith in this boy.  He is the entire package, looks, personality, and talent.

Maverick is paid in full to Future Fortunes. C-N California Futurity Eligible

2011 AQHA,  Palomino Gelding
Out of a Miss Sugar Barred by Doc's Star Barred
By First down French by Frenchmans Guy out of A Classic Dash mare

Hitch is a half brother to all the above babies.  Destined to be great!
Currently holding 8 Futurity Wins.  2 wins by .6 tenths.  He is already put title wins together in the Open races with 80+ entries.  Hitch is the real deal.

Hitch has started his 2016 Futurity season just the way we had hoped.  He is proving to be an outstanding competetor.  Winning his 3rd entered Futurity by 6 tenths of a second only 4 months into his career.  This was also only his 10th race entered.  He is showing he is going to give his siblings a run for their money.  This guys entire background is nothing but winners, arena record breakers, unbeatable heart and talent.  He is the perfect horse.

Hitch has a raging amount of talent.  He is all natural rate, turn, light, bend and just loves to run.  He has a casual spirit of a 20 year old seasoned horse before and after he is worked, ran, or schooled.  But when you turn him to the pattern.....he is full of spirit, life, speed, and heart.  I can't wait to see what his future holds.  It is no doubt looking bright!  

I can't say enough great things about this horse.
Hitch is qualified for the C-N Stallion Incentive Program

2014 AQHA,  Red Roan Colt
By Firewater Dragon  by the great Firewater Flit, out of a Doc Tari mare

Slayer is currently in training preparing for the barrel pattern this summer.  He is 3 years old going on 20....He was just born to be great!  So willing to learn, and quiet as can be.  Anyone can get on this boy already and ask him to work and he will do it.  This guy is sweet, kind, and full of life.  His sibling above, Maverick, is a super star in so many ways.  If this guy has half his talent we are going to be ecstatic.  He looks like he will be bigger and stronger then Maverick, so big brother better look out.  Slayer is also a half brother to Memphis a dam that has proven herself in the barrel pen as a solid 1D competitor.   His schedule is set for him to compete at the 2019 Futurities at a  5 year old.  

Slayer is qualified for the C-N Stallion Incentive Program


2015 AQHA,  Black Stallion
By Slick By Design, out of a Colonel Freckles mare)

Lex's personality and build inspired me to buy this lil guy all the way from Canada.  He has an amazing sweet, smart, and trusting personality.  I am certain he is going to be nothing short of spectacular.  Lex started his Futurity career in 2019.  Injury and surgery has put us behind. But I'm excited to say he is in perfect health and back in the training pen and hauling.

I ride approx. 10-15 horses a day and always looking forward to getting on him at the end of a long day of work!!!!!  Lex was born broke.  Everything comes easy and naturally to him.  He makes my job so easy!!!

Lex's first crop of babies are due to be born in Spring 2020.  I just know he is going to pass on his same easy way about him to all his babies!  With the perfect cross of Run and Cow, you get the best of both worlds with this guy!

Lex will be added to incentives as the babies become of age.  Currently C-N Eligible!

Lex is Future Fortunes eligibility
I VERY RARELY advertise my horses for sale.  And when I do, they are sold to approved homes only.  
If you are interested in a C-N Quarter Horse it is best to inquire about them rather then wait to see a sale ad, because you probably won't. 
I take great pride in raising and training these babies.  I want what is best for them. And a long successful career in barrel racing with loving families.
My mom,  I know you will help make Phillip the best he can be!!!!
This is a Dream Team!!!!  I am beyond thrilled to see these two shine in the near future
​This little gal got a good home and a great shot at a wonderful future.
Look out 2018 Futurity!  These two are on a mission to win it all!!!!

2000 Broodmare.  

This mare was a pro rodeo money earner with TONS of heart and athleticism.  She's a big stout mare with great bone.  We are very excited to add her to our broodmare pen this breeding season.  We purchased her DASH TA FAME daughter at the same time we got her and we are IN LOVE with that filly as well.  BIG STRONG mare.  Starting her futurity season in late 2017.

Red is currently bred to TKW Runaway Fame!  We are very excited to see what this cross has to offer.
"SIS"  #TheBeast

2012 AQHA,  Sorrel Mare
Sired by the Great DASH TA FAME
Out of an own daughter of ONE THE MONEY RED (Listed above)

Sis is a new addition to our program.  She came to me with minimal handling and training as a long 4 year old so her training is a bit behind for the early 2017 Futurities.  I am currently preparing her for the fall Futurities.  She is showing nothing less then perfect talent.  One of the easiest horses I've had the privilege of training.  She's absolutely drop dead gorgeous.  And lacks NOTHING in talent.  

Sis is currently hauling and competing with great success!!  This girl wasted no time getting to the winners circle. Solid proven 1D mare.  In 2020 Sis will start hauling to some California Rodeos to get seasoned on the Rodeo Trail.  We are very excited about her future with the Pros.

We will be planning on pulling embryos from Sis the Spring of 2020.

2017 AQHA,  Liver Chestnut Stallion
By Streaking Ta Fame, out of a Mito Jet mare)

Packer was born to rodeo!  I have yet to see a baby born with more confidence about life and his abilities then this lil guy!  He will talk to anyone and thinks everyone who comes to our ranch is there to see him.  And he will tell you so.  I am absolutely in love with his personality.  although he is full of himself today, I believe that his training years to come is going to be a blast.  This guy glows with perfection!

Packer is Future Fortunes eligibility
C-N Eligible
Look out 2018 Futurity!  These two are on a mission to win it all!!!!
Excited to watch these two grow into a winning team!